Email Marketing

Broaden Your Reach, Up Your Engagement

Email marketing can be a very effective online marketing tool if you know where to begin. The smallest of details can be what separates you from spam. With an attention-grabbing subject line, an informative and engaging body, and the right visuals, you can turn leads into customers and customers into lifelong supporters.


A/B Testing

Tanner Grey ensures the email crafted for your customers conveys your message in the best possible way. This is why we use A/B testing methods to understand which email performs better. By making comparisons, we can write several drafts, test them out, and determine which one best suits your audience.


Multivariate Email Testing

Multivariate email testing is a tactic that tests combinations of several variables to find the perfect email cocktail. We test all possible combinations so you can be confident that your email will be effective in achieving your goals.


Custom, Targeted Emails

A generic email won’t work for everyone. Tanner Grey crafts custom, targeted email campaigns to fit each client’s specific needs, industry, and objectives. This is how we convert leads into customers and customers into brand evangelists.

Our team of designers also crafts custom email designs tailored to each client. We carefully design the email campaign so that it matches the look and feel of your company, taking into account the message you want to communicate, your color scheme, your tone of voice, and your logo.


Make the Smart Decision

Email marketing should be left in the hands of professionals. Here at Tanner Grey, we make it our mission to craft the perfect emails using thorough market research, testing strategies, and smartly worded messages. You can trust us to guide your customers down the conversion funnel.

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