Why Email Marketing?

You’ve Got Mail with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach and engage with a large amount of potential clients if you know what you’re doing. Careful crafting can be the difference between spam or useful information. Customers want emails that are pleasant to read and lead them through the buying process. In order to grab the reader’s attention, emails must be engaging but not overpowering. A reader is more likely to become a client when receiving an email that is created with the consumer in mind. Tanner Grey creates professionally designed emails to turn email recipients into clientele.

A/B Testing

We make sure the email crafted for your customers is the best possible message. We use A/B testing methods to ensure your email is effective. By comparing emails we can make several drafts, test them, and find the one that best fits your audience. What makes this method successful is the variable we change can help us determine the perfect email.

Multivariate Email Marketing

Tanner Grey’s team of experts use an assortment of tools to ensure your message reaches your audience in the most efficient way. Along with A/B testing used to study one variable of the email, we use multivariate marketing to see which combination of variations performs best. We test all possible outcomes so you can be confident that your email will be effective.

Crafting the Right Email

We don’t write simple email blasts. Tanner Grey knows that informed leads become loyal customers. We craft custom, targeted email campaigns to fit each client’s specific business and goals. That way, your leads become clients and clients become evangelists.

Custom Email Designs

We design emails tailored to each client. Emails should be personal, so we take care to match our campaigns to the look and feel of your company, including your logo, messaging, and marketing goals in our designs. We provide clients with the option to choose how involved emails will be. Personalized email marketing from Tanner Grey is sure to stand out among the hundreds of emails your audience receives. Get started with a free SEO audit of your website or contact us at 844.500.1339

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