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Web Design Charlotte

Charlotte Web Design

Represent your company with a modern, organized design

Tanner Grey helps you create a website that will offer an effortless user experience, achieve high rankings on the major search engines, and promote your business and brand to your target audience. Our highly skilled team of web designers and developers will help translate your message into the digital language of content, functionality and images essential to building a professional and long lasting website that will expose potential clients to your brand.We help you balance the marketing goals you have while building a website that has best practices and the latest in online technology. We do this while helping you established brand guidelines to ensure a uniform public identity. Our expertise ranges from optimizing visual design to maximizing the impact of innovations in Internet technology, and from search engine-friendly content development to online ad campaign management. We work closely with you to assess your goals, target market and budget.

Ready to talk about your project?

The Process

We begin with an analysis of your market’s potential, your competition and your customers. We review existing marketing materials and strategy and retain the best assets as design cues used in the new website design. We visit other websites, both in your business space and beyond, to take inspiration from the elements we find most compelling and suitable for your online identity. Finally, we create a framework for layout of different pages and we build your website from there.


By using a Content Management System and expanding on that with custom built technology we can expand your website’s ability from just the normal. We offer your potential and current clients information in an attractive online environment. Innovations like social media integration, eCommerce, responsive design (that works with any device), email marketing and even online product reviews. All of these and more keep visitors to your website engaged and enthusiastic about your company and offerings.

Let’s get Started

Our detail oriented, intuitive web development is ready to get to work for you. Over many years, we’ve established a proven process and gathered an amazing team of talented, young and energetic professionals to help bring your new design to life. Now it is up to you, let’s get started with building an exciting message of your services and or products and get your company the exposure and brand reputation it needs.