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A company’s “About Us” page serves many purposes, the most important of which is to convert readers into customers. But, a poorly written “About Us” or “About Me” page can put people off. Learn how to write an “About Us” page that is both convincing and gets your message across.


Essential Tips on How to Write “About Us” Page

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In the past, business owners used to rely on advertising and word of mouth to increase awareness and boost engagement. While advertisements do work, they can cost a lot of time and money. Plus, it requires continuous production of ad materials.

With the advancement of technology, though, just about any company can promote their business online. Nowadays, having an official and professional website even adds to the credibility of a business.

One of the most important features of any business website is the “About Us” page. With this page, potential customers — and even those familiar with you — can learn more about your company. The creative process behind an “About Us” page, though, is often paved with questions and misunderstandings. Most people do not even know where to begin.

Thankfully, there are some tips you can follow to create an effective “About Us” page. Here is how to write an “About Us” page that converts:


1. Open with Important Information

Nobody wants to scroll through a block of text, trying to comb through all the information just to find what they are looking for. Think about what potential customers want to know and open with that.

If it does not feel natural to begin your “About Us” page with industry jargon, consider highlighting them in a different way. You can accomplish this by converting them into a sub-head or changing the font type to bold.


2. Form a Connection Using Your Story

While your company’s story might be interesting, try to spin this portion so that it focuses on the person behind the business. People relate more to other people than to a giant entity or corporation. Keep length in mind, though. As usual, nobody likes reading wordy descriptions or stories.


3. State Your Values

Customers do not want to patronize a company that does not share their values. If they can’t find what your values are on your “About Us” page, there is a good chance they will exit the page altogether.

When writing about your values, remember to reconcile them with your brand’s goals. If a certain charity is important to you, include that. Likewise, if you own a makeup brand that does not perform in animal testing, highlight that as well.


4. Go into Specifics

Everyone has come across a company that spouts bold claims at least once in their lifetime. While bold claims are certainly impressive, they are often untrue. If your company can’t deliver items in less than 24 hours, don’t promise you can.

On the other hand, if you can back up your claim with evidence, do it. Use specifics. For instance, if your air conditioning unit can save customers money on their electricity bill, state how much. Of course, not all companies have the necessary data to support their claim. For such cases, use testimonials from customers.


5. Include Visuals

When learning how to write a good “About Us” page, you can rely on more than just words. Visual aids can help catch people’s attention. They also make for great breaks in between lengthy paragraphs. Consider using behind-the-scenes photos or pictures of your services in action. Videos work well, too, but don’t expect everyone to watch it.


6. Cite Credentials and Awards

Aside from customer reviews, credentials and awards help bolster your reputation. Potential customers tend to patronize more trusted companies, ones that get plenty of recognition. If you have something to boast about, your “About Us” page is the perfect place to include it.


7. Include a Call to Action

While some readers might take action immediately after reading your “About Us” page, others may need a little more of a push. That is why it is important to include a call to action. Make it clear what you want readers to do, whether that means reading more content or buying something. Include a link to where you want them to go next.


8. Make It Interesting

This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many “About Us” pages come off monotonous and matter-of-fact. Be imaginative with your page. If you are going to make someone read through a bunch of text, the least you can do is to make it interesting. By doing so, you can ensure readers stay on the page. This gives you a better chance of converting them into customers.


9. Consider a Separate Site

Most companies have an “About Us” page in the same domain — and that is completely fine. However, if time and budget allow, consider setting up a separate About domain. Doing this allows your business to take up more than one rank for a branded Google search. Amazon, for instance, has both its main website (www.amazon.com) and an About website (www.aboutamazon.com).


10. Use Schema

If you want to come up in a Google search, it is a good idea to use schema and semantics to your advantage. These tools send signals to Google, informing the search engine that your business is a trusted one. If you don’t know how to use schema and semantics, don’t worry. There are many digital marketing firms and experts who can accomplish the task for you.


Finest “About Us” Examples to Follow

Describing what your “About Us” page should look like is one thing, but most people need hard examples to really picture it. There are many “About Us” or “About Me” samples that come to mind. But, here are some of the best “About Us” pages you can easily find online:

  • Refinery29. Refinery29’s “About Us” page begins with a description of their company, history, and impact. The page smoothly transitions to outline their mission, promise, essence, and vibe. It all ends with a simple call to action.
  • Nike. Nike clearly demonstrates how well it knows its audience with its “About Us” page. It opens with a brief description of the company’s mission before moving on to how they innovate and inspire. They also manage to state their values in a meaningful way.
  • Yellow Leaf Hammocks. Their “About Us” page captures your attention from start to finish. The company manages to share their values and story without making it boring. Plus, they are able to convey why their products are so important to them.


More Than Just a Company Bio

happy business woman on computer | best about us pagesThere is more to your company’s “About Us” page than just a description of your business. It acts as a doorway between you and your customers.

Without it, people would have no way of knowing essential information about your company. And, more often than not, people are distrustful of companies they have no knowledge of.

With these tips, you can effectively write an “About Us” page for your company. A page that clearly states your story, values, and qualifications. An informative page that manages to forge a connection with readers and pique their interest. And, a page that inspires readers to become buyers.

Sadly, not everyone possesses the gift of creative writing, and web development jargon can get confusing. If your business requires assistance from recognized experts in the industry, give us a call today.